COVID-19 Pandemic (Coronavirus) Event Resources

Helping You Prepare

The World Health Organization has declared COVID-19 (Coronavirus) to be a pandemic. As the situation is dynamic and the affected areas continue to shift, many conference organizers, professional team members, and participants may have questions. The health and safety of our conference participants and the IEEE team is our top priority; therefore, significant expertise and support is being provided to our communities at this time.

COVID-19 virus

Contact EERT First for COVID-19 Pandemic Support

As you may be aware, the IEEE Meeting Conferences and Events (MCE) team manages emergency responses and risk mitigation for IEEE for a variety of challenges that live events can face, including an epidemic such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Any time there is an event-related emergency; organizers can reach the team at

IEEE has formed an expanded team due to the volume of events experiencing a need for support. In MCE, the IEEE Event Emergency Response Team (EERT) is leading the response and mitigation efforts related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The team is both monitoring the situation and providing support, information, and risk mitigation to conferences and leadership.

EERT Support Services

The MCE EERT team can currently provide:  

  • Support/facilitate decision making
  • Negotiations and partnering with venues, vendors, and PCOs
  • Analysis of financial impact and applicability of insurance
  • Coordination of insurance claims with the IEEE Office of Risk and Insurance Management Services (ORIMs)
  • Advice and support for virtual presentations
  • Information about what others are doing/run scenarios
  • Connections to other resources
  • Insight into conference publication options    

Communication Guidance for Events

The EERT team has developed a set of scenario-driven communication and action plans. The team is actively providing consultations and support to our event community as needed. They will continue to evaluate plans, services, and procedures as the situation evolves. 

It is important for IEEE to communicate in a consistent, unified, fact-based manner across the organization.

Preparing a COVID-19 Communication for your Event? 

Contact EERT before posting a COVID-19 pandemic notice on your website or sending a communication to your event participants. We will help you develop consistent, IEEE-approved language that supports your attendees.

Additional Resources

IEEE references recognized public health organizations for fact-based resources and updates on the virus to help guide planning and response.  Primary agencies both within the U.S. and globally include: 

We Are Here to Help

If you have questions about the COVID-19 pandemic and your IEEE event, please contact the EERT team.