Travel and COVID-19 – Guidelines for Organizers

Learn guidelines about traveling safely to your in-person or hybrid event.

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Know Before You Go

With the evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, governments and transportation companies are frequently revising policies and operations; so, travelers may need to adapt quickly.  Each country has its own public health challenges and related requirements such as social distancing, quarantine, proof of vaccination, etc.   Organizers need to be up to date on the conditions and respond accordingly.  Each traveler is responsible for their own health and safety; however, it is helpful to share information to support decision-making.  Organizers need to remind participants not to travel to the event if they feel unwell, have recently tested positive for COVID-19, or have been exposed to a person with COVID-19.

When planning for any group transfers or field trips, remember to observe all relevant government guidelines in your location and to adjust your event budget accordingly.

To help make informed travel decisions, we’ve assembled industry-leading resources as you begin to plan for the return to travel. You should always re-check the specific requirements of the destination you are traveling to 48 hours prior to travel, to make sure you have the latest information prior to your trip.

Download a printable version of the “Travel and COVID-19 – Guidelines for Organizers” resource.

Additional Resources

When planning for your return to travel it is always encouraged to visit official government-sanctioned resources to help in your decision making.   We have assembled examples as follows:

Airline Policies

Major airlines have been flexible with travelers during the pandemic, through a variety of means such as: allowing free one-time changes, cancellation of flights, providing travel waivers to both new and previously booked tickets, etc.  Additionally, there are several airlines that have made the move to eliminate change fees permanently.

To learn about the latest airline programs and their requirements we encourage you to review these Airline Policies Resources, provided by IEEE’s corporate travel agency, World Travel, Inc., for current information.


This page is a compilation of information from third-party sources and IEEE cannot guarantee accuracy; all information is subject to change.

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