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Join us as we explore how changing event paradigms inspire innovation, engage new audiences, and amplify impact. Tune in each month as we discuss timely topics with unique industry voices, showcase trends, tackle hot topics, discover new approaches and experiments, delve into case studies, and more!

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Episode 12: Sustainability (Part 2)

David speaks with Alex Alles, Executive Director of the Joint Meetings Industry Council (JMIC) about sustainability and how it is shaping the future of events.

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About the show

IEEE Forums of the Future reimagines the shape of events and how they are shaping our future.

  • A monthly podcast designed by passionate pros
  • Unique voices from the industry
  • Trends and hot topics
  • New approaches and experiments
  • Case studies
  • And more!
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David Stankiewicz

About David

As an Event Design and Production Manager & Digital Event Strategist for the IEEE Strategic Programs group, David Stankiewicz is part of a team of passionate event production specialists servicing a global community of technology professionals, conference organizers and meeting planners. Their suite of services includes brainstorming new event paradigms, exploring new audiences, researching new tools, trialing new methodologies, creating highly produced content, elevating IEEE’s event profile, and making it easy for organizers and IEEE volunteers to innovate for all types of events — from digital to face-to-face, and everything in between.

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