IEEE Conferences Committee Roles

Learn about IEEE Conferences Committee, Subcommittees, and Ad Hocs.

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IEEE Conferences Committee

The committee is administratively a standing committee of TAB with members from: 

  • IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB)
  • IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Board (MGA)
  • IEEE Publication Services and Products Board (PSPB)
  • IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB)
  • IEEE Standards Board (SA)
  • IEEE-USA Board
  • Conference Publications Committee (CPC)

IEEE Conferences Committee is supported by IEEE Meetings, Conferences & Events (MCE).

Subcommittees and Ad Hocs

IEEE Conferences Committee - Subcommittees
  • Conference Application Review Committee
  • Conference Finance Committee
  • Conference Governance and Strategy Committee
  • Conference Nominations, Appointments and Recommendations Committee
  • Conference Portfolio Review Committee
  • Conference Quality Committee
  • Conference Tools Committee
  • Event Innovations and Enhancements Committee
  • Future of Conference IP Committee
  • Technical Program Integrity Committee
IEEE Conferences Committee - Ad Hoc Committees
  • Conference Diversity Best Practice Ad Hoc Committee
  • Conference Metrics Ad Hoc Committee
  • Conference Open Access Ad Hoc Committee
  • Conference Organization Integrity Ad Hoc Committee
  • Conference Organizer Support Ad Hoc Committee
  • Conference Recognition Ad Hoc Committee
  • Conference Revenue Opportunities Ad Hoc Committee
  • Valid Scientific Content Ad Hoc Committee

Subcommittee Descriptions & Charters

Learn more about the scope, functions, and composition of each Subcommittee listed above.

Ad Hoc Descriptions & Charters

Learn more about the scope, functions, and composition of each Ad Hoc Committee listed above.

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