Event Ideation

Together, we can reach a broader target audience across all sectors.

CEE offers an in-house innovation shop for IEEE events, providing organizers with new tools and event design consultation, making it easy for organizers to be innovative.

Our goal is to collaborate with organizers to complement the ongoing efforts being done in preparation for the event. Through planning, strategizing, and collaborative thinking, together, we can reach a broader target audience across all sectors.

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Event Enhancement Consulting

This brainstorming session will provide you with unique ideas to bring your event to the next level and reach new audiences. During the call, industry experts within CEE will collaboratively brainstorm on methodologies and formats to refresh and invigorate your event. Recommendations will be captured and sent to all participants.

These ideas can be used in the next step: 

“Envisioning the Future” Workshop

Anticipate the future by creating it.

In an engaging hands-on session, we will invite all stakeholders to explore the future of your event. Through this uniquely designed program of inquiry, innovation, and imagination, we will encourage your participants to offer insights, designs, and collective feedback to launch your event on a trajectory for the future. This workshop will be planned, promoted, facilitated, and reported on by accredited experts within CEE. Schedule a complimentary, one-hour call with our event design team to get started.

We Are Here to Help

If you would like to discuss event ideation, please contact the CEE team.