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Are You Using the Right Tools to Achieve Success? 

An event app allows attendees to more effectively network, keep everyone aware of the latest event updates, and most importantly, provides a rich dataset from which event organizers can draw insights. The versatility of event apps makes them a great option for any organizer looking for an improved experience and a positive event ROI. Given an event app’s versatility, it’s no wonder event organizers that have adopted an event app believe their event app resulted in positive event ROI.  

The constant improvements in technology and the shifting landscape of mobile apps, in general, require organizers to stay up to date with the latest news and best practices.  

Let us help you decide which event apps can best fit into your overall event strategy and budget. 

Benefits of event mobile apps include:

  • Real-time updates about the changes to the schedule or speakers
  • Direct messaging access and announcements to all the participants
  • Reduction in printed material for environmental and cost savings
  • Networking and interaction – Registrants can browse participant lists, direct message each other, ask questions during sessions, and share real-time updates through social media
  • Gamification and other engagement opportunities
  • Program and paper integration

Mobile App Providers

MCE aligns mobile event applications and tech-enabled ideas with the latest trends in technology and your event needs. We stay ahead of the curve by understanding the marketplace and the full range of event app capabilities to achieve success.  

MCE maintains a robust network of thoroughly vetted providers to meet the current and evolving needs throughout the IEEE event community. Let us help you determine your strategy and align you with the right providers to fit your needs and budget.

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If you have questions about mobile app providers, please contact the MCE team.