Get to Know IEEE NextGen on New Website

April 7, 2021 by ekurzawa
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IEEE has launched a new website to help you learn more about IEEE NextGen. Sign in with your IEEE credentials to find resources, updates, training, and more.

What is NextGen?
IEEE heard the request from our volunteers for an improved financial and contract system to simplify, streamline and save time that allows for more visibility for the end-user to improve business insights, workflow, and decisions. In collaboration with our volunteers, IEEE has invested in the tools and processes to create a better volunteer experience. This effort is called NextGen.

Learn What to Expect
Here are some of the resources you will find on the NextGen website.

  • Find detailed information on NextGen and its tools
  • Learn how to get started as a Conference Organizer
  • See previews of the user experience
  • Get a tour of key features
  • Read FAQs
  • Find training materials
  • Submit questions you may have about NextGen

Throughout the coming months, you will be receiving more information and updates on NextGen.

Visit the NextGen Website