New Tool to Support Organizers & Make Memorable Experiences

March 25, 2022 by ekurzawa
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The pandemic prompted the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IEEE IES) to shift many of its conferences to virtual and hybrid formats. IEEE IES provides strong central management for their events, and organizers have the benefit of an IEEE IES-developed Conference Management System that includes paper submission and review functions. To quickly create a way for their conference organizers to adapt to virtual, IEEE IES leadership knew they needed to identify a virtual conference platform that would synch with

their conference management environment. Leadership saw important benefits in this integrated approach, including extending consistency, creating positive user experiences, and heightening participant engagement across events.

One of IEEE IES’ experienced volunteers had a positive experience with a platform called QiqoChat at a non-IEEE IES event. QiqoChat connects Zoom meetings, integrating collaborative tools for a seamless attendee experience. The platform had the potential to not only help organizers plan the program but also infuse much-needed interactivity and networking into their virtual events via chat and other options. IEEE IES formalized an annual partnership with QiqoChat for their online and hybrid events in 2021 and 2022. 

Leadership worked closely with QiqoChat to create customized experiences for each IEEE IES event. They encouraged IEEE IES conference organizers to provide ideas for improvements or additional features, some of which were added to the platform. For example, they collaborated on a custom presenter file management system that allowed presenters to upload and update their slides, videos, paper titles, and abstracts in a self-service fashion.

On the integrated platform, organizers can send CSV files of papers, sessions, and schedules to the IEEE IES Conference Management System; export videos to YouTube; and auto-generate certificates for participant download. The virtual platform provides simple navigation, interactive proximity-based chat rooms, local time zone support, and the option for language support to keep participants connected and engaged.

Under their agreement, IEEE IES opted to pay for event management services where QiqoChat is the project manager and completes the setup of each event’s space (including plenary sessions, technical sessions, networking spaces, exhibitor booths, and support desk). This frees up organizers to focus on the content and the critical communications with authors, session chairs, volunteers, and participants.

Eight IEEE IES conferences have utilized QiqoChat so far. As a courtesy to participants, IECON 2021 offered an overview of the platform in their orientation video. Participant feedback about the virtual conference experience has been overwhelmingly positive. 

With their strategic and systemic approach, IEEE IES positively impacted their events during uncertain times. Offering a portfolio-wide solution for their organizers enabled IEEE IES to create efficiencies and cost savings for their events. This effort illustrates how sponsoring OUs can proactively support organizers in creating consistent and memorable experiences that benefit their event communities year after year.