Foundations of Audience Development

A great event needs an equally great turn out. Audience development is the key to spreading the reach of your event. Get started with basic tips and tricks for attracting new audiences to your IEEE event.

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Identify Objectives

Who is your target audience? How are you looking to grow your event? Identify these important objectives early on in your planning process.

What makes your event stand out?

Your event has unique qualities, speakers, and content. Make sure you tell prospective attendees what these are when marketing your event.

Social Media for Your Event

Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat enable you to build a community and interact in real-time with attendees.

Once you’ve identified your audience, consider your objectives and resources to select the right social media platforms for your event. Whichever direction you choose, it’s important to keep your social media active. We recommend having  a Social Media Chair on your committee. This can be a great way to both keep your social media presence consistent and introduce students or young professionals to your volunteer committee.

Leverage the Local Community

From local IEEE Chapters to groups like Young Professionals and Women in Engineering, connecting with local volunteers and companies within your community is a fantastic way to help promote and build your event. Reach out to their professional networks through online platforms like social media, websites and newsletters, as well as offline networks such as meet-ups, and colleagues.

Additionally, look outside of IEEE to expand your local reach. Is your focus technology prevalent in the area your event is taking place? Do you have speakers or exhibitors who can help spread the word to their peers?

We Are Here to Help

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