Post-Event Engagement

Communicating with your event participants after your event keeps the conversation going, maintains connections, and builds community. Learn how to create an effective post-event summary to wrap up your event.

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Benefits of Post-Event Engagement

Ongoing engagement with your event community can add value for your participants and benefit your event.

Post-event engagement can enable you to:
  • Maintain connections with your participants
  • Facilitate technical dialogues
  • Celebrate your successes
  • Highlight key event metrics
  • Feature advancements in your field
  • Thank your speakers and participants
  • Showcase exhibitors and sponsors
  • Spotlight media and social media buzz about your event
  • Share photos from your event
  • Inform participants about your next event
  • Poll your participants on what they want to experience next year
  • Attract sponsors and exhibitors for your next event

Selecting a Tool or Service for Your Communciations

There are a number of tools and services available to help you create professional, responsive, emails for your event. IEEE offers customizable Adobe Photoshop email templates for use by IEEE volunteers.

Additionally, there are several free and paid tools available in the marketplace. Most of these services include easy-to-use templates and drag-and-drop email builders that can easily be customized with your event branding. Other features may include landing pages, automation, social media integration, 3rd party apps, and polling. Built-in analytics tools provide insight into the reach of your communications.

Creating a Post-Event Summary Communication

A great way to kick off your post-event engagement is by sending out a summary communication after your event. It is helpful to send out this communication within a week after the event ends, while the experience is still recent. This communication provides a snapshot of your event and builds excitement about the next event in your series. The following content can help you build an informative and engaging post-event summary.

Key post-event summary communication content
  • Number of attendees
  • Number of speakers
  • Countries represented
  • Programming breakdown
    • Keynotes
    • Technical presentations
    • Plenaries
    • Poster sessions
    • Workshops
    • Awards
    • Networking/social events
    • Competitions
    • Special events
    • Number of Exhibitors
  • Hours of programming (for virtual events)
  • User engagement (for virtual events)
  • Media/Social media reach
    • Articles
    • Number of social media shares
    • Sample social media posts
  • Questions asked during Q&A (for virtual events)
  • Event photos
  • Thank yous
    • Exhibitors
    • Sponsors
    • IEEE Sponsoring OUs
Other content to consider
  • MIlestones in your field
  • Hot topics
  • Participant polls
Sample post-event summary communication

Digital Assets

The following IEEE-branded assets are available for use by IEEE volunteers for their events.

IEEE email banner templates

Use the editable Adobe Photoshop template to create an image banner for email marketing and promotional needs. The layered Photoshop file contains all of the below versions. All of the images and text can be mixed and matched to fit your needs.

IEEE email templates

The IEEE email templates are designed for use by IEEE employees and volunteers. Use the editable HTML coded email template(s) to create email marketing and promotional outreach. All of the images and text are editable to fit your needs.

IEEE Icon library 

The following icon library with 64 icons representing various technologies, and many commonly used symbols for use in print and digital communications has been developed by IEEE for use.

We Are Here to Help

If you have questions about post-event engagement, please contact the CEE team.