Organize a Workshop

Conference Leadership Workshops

Face-to-face conference workshops enable participant and expert interaction, providing more opportunities for learning and deeper understanding. IEEE units are encouraged to conduct conference education locally, with CEE support.

At CEE, we’re passionate about supporting all workshop organizers and speakers. CEE Conference Education has an extensive library of content (200+ slides/speaker notes) and works with each organizing OU to customize the agenda and topics to suit the needs of the OU and organizers.

CEE-led workshops are coordinated one year in advance (at minimum). If you are interested in having CEE come to your OU, please submit a request. Keep in mind that our budgeting process happens a year in advance.  

Face-to-face, virtual, blended learning? All are good options to assist conference organizers. CEE can work with you to design a program that best fits your needs.

Self-Paced Learning – Section members complete the eLearning courses in the tracks associated with the conference role they are interested in or currently serving

Blended Learning – Members complete eLearning courses determined by the Region/Section conference education coordinator during a defined period

Local/Virtual Meetings –  Meetings can be conducted to allow discussion, review, and questions with Regional or Global SMEs 

We Are Here to Help

To set up a discussion, please contact the Conference Education team.