Who’s Who On The Hotel Staff

Here are some typical roles you may encounter at the hotel where you are arranging your conference.

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Site Selection and Contracting

  • First contact with the hotel will be the Hotel Sales Manager
    • They will provide an initial proposal based on your needs
    • They will negotiate the contract
  • Once the contract is signed you will be handed over to your next point of contact.
  • Unless there are major changes to your contract after signature, such as a date change, increase/decrease in room block or large change in the program they may step back in.


  • Your next point of contact will be your CSM, Convention/conference service manager. They can go by different names such as Event Planning Manager
  • They will work with you on all aspects that take place within their property.  You will work with them on F&B, room set ups, sleeping rooms, registration, etc.
  • They may also assist and provide recommendations on outside vendors for things like decorators, photographers, security, transportation, AV, entertainment.  Often times they will tell you if the venue has preferred vendors for these services.
  • For larger events, or in larger venues, you may have more than one contact.  For example, one may focus strictly on F&B and the other on everything else.


  • You may still be using your CSM but typically you will have more contact with the following people:
  • Event Concierge will typically be on the floor with you and be your contact should you need anything during your event.  They have direct access to all hotel departments via radio and can get things done quickly. 
  • Banquet Managers will ensure that the meeting room set and the menu selected are properly executed per the BEO (Banquet Event Order)
  • AV Technicians are responsible for the AV setup and breakdown of the AV equipment in the meeting rooms.  They are typically available for additional requests and troubleshooting onsite.
  • Some hotels offer an event app through which you can make requests while you are onsite (raise/lower temp in room, service a meeting room, add chairs, etc.)

We Are Here to Help

If you have questions about who’s who on the hotel staff, please contact the CEE team.