Working with A Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB)

A Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) is a not-for-profit organization that markets and advocates for a specific city and the businesses that operate within it.


  • Use a CVB: 
    • When you are sourcing a city but are open to suggestions on a venue based on your needs
    • When you are looking for financial support from the city 
    • When you will need a convention center in addition to hotel rooms
    • When you want to get connected to governmental and industry contacts. CVBs may be able to prepare your bid. 
  • CVBs have long standing relationships with vendors and can help you find venues, hotels and service providers within the city that will meet your needs regardless of the size or potential contract value of the group.
  • They will source an RFP on your behalf and provide a comprehensive comparison of vendors willing to bid, though they will not negotiate anything on your behalf because they must stay neutral to all vendors
  • They can provide funding and concessions
  • They can assist in organizing site visits
  • Their websites are typically a good location to search for specific vendors
  • There is no fee for these services
  • While CVB’s sometimes have preferential agreements with providers, they are generally more neutral than sales representatives that work for a specific company or chain.


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If you have questions about working with a Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB), please contact the CEE team.