Finance & Contracts

Guidance on how to successfully plan and manage the financial and contracting elements of your conference

Learn the Rules of the Road

Sound financial and contract management are cornerstones of a successful conference. Here, you’ll find all the information on IEEE guidelines, best practices, and useful tips you’ll need to help your conference achieve its financial goals.

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Get on the Path to Financial Success


Learn about the responsibilities of the conference treasurer

Building a Budget

Get tips on building an accurate conference budget

Choosing the Right Bank Account

Explore different bank account options for your conference

Determining & Accepting Registration Fees

Establish fee types, determine discounts, set cancellation/refund policies, & establish payment processing

Conference Contracts Guidelines & Templates

Find information on the review process, high-risk contracts, signing, & available templates

Tax Information for Conferences

Understand tax implications for your conference

Tracking Your Transactions

Bookkeeping fundamentals including forecasting, actuals, transaction detail reports, recording data, and cash on-site transactions

Closing Your Conference

Get conference closing guidelines and timeframes


Learn audit parameters and options

Conference Finance Videos

Short instructional videos on conference finance topics

Resources & Tools

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