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Gain practical know-how of IEEE conference finance procedures through our collection of short instructional videos.

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The IEEE Conference Treasurer Role and NextGen

Take a tour of the NextGen platform, review current processes, and learn what’s changing to stay up-to-date in your role.

Supporting Documentations for Payments

Get a walkthrough of the most common payment types requested by organizers, the documentation required to submit those payments, and how to go about submitting payments.

Cash Management

Learn how organizers should be managing the collection of cash on site for their events and how to properly document the collection of cash. We additionally review some alternative methods for paying in cash, and how to request cash if it is absolutely necessary.

Tracking Your Transactions

Understand the importance of updating financial reports throughout the conference lifecycle and how to use the comparison of different reports to track financial activity.

Audit Documentation

Get a complete walkthrough of the conference audit process and what is required for audit. Although the video specifies the audit process, all organizers should refer to the information explained to understand how to document collection of revenue and disbursement of payments.

Registration Reconciliation

Learn how to reconcile revenue between conference financial reports and the actuals received in the conference bank account. In this video we also address some common causes for discrepancies and how to go about reconciling if reports and bank financials do not match up.

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