Childcare at Conferences

Childcare programs are becoming a common part of IEEE sponsored conferences but if you offer such services, it’s very important to make sure they are well-planned.

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The recommended approach is to connect parents and guardians directly with the provider.  IEEE can facilitate the selection and sometimes placement of the provider. There are several financial options to support a facilitation request:

  • Contracting with outside child care provider – allowing the parent to pay them directly and complete paperwork onsite at the conference
  • Making referrals to the hotel’s concierge department

Childcare Provider Requirements

Contracted child care providers should meet the following requirements: 

  • The contract must be reviewed by IEEE Legal & Compliance and ORIMS to ensure the interest of IEEE is adequately protected
  • The selected provider must have the appropriate insurance to cover risk of child care
  • The contract for the provision of child care should be between the vendor and the individual parent

Website Verbiage

The following suggested verbiage can be used to communicate child care services on conference websites:

  • IEEE (Conference Name) is pleased to announce the availability of on-site child care for participants managed by (Vendor Name).
  • Participants in need of child care services at the conference should contact (Vendor Name) directly to make arrangements. Participant is fully responsible for reviewing the services offered and determining whether they are suitable for his/her child. IEEE makes no representations regarding the provision of services by (Vendor Name).
  • IEEE provides no endorsement or recommendation of services, no assumption of responsibility or liability related to the services and no guarantee regarding the services. Individual participants accept full responsibility and risk for engaging in the services. 

Suggested Courses

We recommend the following courses in the IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE).  First, use your IEEE Account to log in to the CLE and then click the View Course link to go directly to the recommended course.

IEEE Activities with Children at Conferences

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If you have questions about childcare at conferences, please contact the CEE team.