Getting Started

Find guidance and resources on how to begin organizing your IEEE conference.

Welcome IEEE Conference Organizers!

We’ll take you through the planning process and timeline and explain how to form your committee, envision your event, and obtain IEEE sponsorship.

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Great IEEE Conferences Start Here

How to Begin

Find resources on how to use this site and where to begin, based on your role

IEEE Conference Organizer Timeline

Get recommended time frames for planning an IEEE Conference

Assembling Your Committee

Establish the team that will plan and run your event

Obtaining Sponsorship

Learn about different types of sponsorship support

Learning Sponsor-Specific Guidelines

Discover your sponsor’s unique guidelines

Selecting Your Location, Date, & Venue

Get tips on how to score a winning conference location, venue, and dates

Defining Your Scope, Audience, & Objectives

Develop a vision for your conference

Building Your Budget

Create an initial conference budget for your event

Creating Your Conference Branding & Website

Establish the digital home for your conference

Meet Your CRM

Reach out to your Conference Relationship Manager (CRM) for personalized guidance

Resources & Tools

Looking for a specific document, template, or form?
Quickly find what you need in our searchable downloads repository.