IEEE Conference Organizer Timeline

The First Steps for Planning Your Conference

Although every conference is unique, there are a number of key ingredients and common factors to organizing a successful event. Most conferences start preparing a minimum of 12 to 18 months before the conference date. Larger conferences plan much farther out.

Some of the pre-planning is done before you officially apply to IEEE for sponsorship approval. Before completing the application, make sure to talk with your sponsors and understand if they will support your application.

You will also want to define your technical program and peer review process and have your committee on board. A high level budget is required, but expenses should not be incurred prior to approval. To help the process go smoothly, MCE provides relationship managers who can help you long before you submit your application.

The IEEE Conference Organizer Timeline outlines the major activities and time-frames for planning your next event.



Many IEEE organizational units (Section, Societies, Technical Councils, etc.) have their own processes for sponsorship approval. Check with each technical or geographic unit sponsor before submitting your application to IEEE.


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