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Learn how to submit the IEEE Conference Application and explore how it can support your event.

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About the IEEE Conference Application

What: Applying for sponsorship is easy. Simply let IEEE know the details of your conference by completing the IEEE Conference Application

Why: The IEEE Conference Application is an important step in the organizing journey to request sponsorship approval from IEEE; permission for naming; and use of the IEEE Logo and Brand Name.

Who: This application should be submitted, typically by the Conference Chair, as soon as information is available.

When: To make the process as smooth as possible, applications should be submitted 12 to 18 months before the conference. No commitments can be made on behalf of IEEE prior to sponsorship approval.

Benefits of the IEEE Conference Application

The IEEE Conference Application:

  • Registers your conference with IEEE
  • Requests sponsorship approval from IEEE
  • Requests permission for naming and use of IEEE Logo and Brand Name
  • Once approved, feeds details of your conference to the IEEE Conference Search and IEEE Call for Papers

The information you supply:

  • Is used by the IEEE Conferences staff to assist you
  • Is used to produce the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), if more than one sponsor

When you submit your application, you are assigned your official conference ID number. Make sure to hold on to this number,  as it’s a critical project identifier you will need throughout the planning process. Your conference ID number is helpful in checking on your application status, searching IEEE databases, and communicating with conferences staff.

Information Needed to Submit

Before you start the form, you will need:

  • Proposed conference title and acronym
  • Proposed conference dates
  • Location
  • Website URL
  • Short description of the conference
  • Names and responsibilities of sponsors
  • Estimated budget
  • Information about the technical program and peer review process
  • Contact information for the Conference Chair, Technical Program Chair, Treasurer, and Publication Chair
  • The list of committee names (if available)

In addition to IEEE sponsorship, you will want the support of one or more organizational units. Please be sure to be in contact with all proposed entities (IEEE and non-IEEE) before you submit the IEEE Conference Application. This will help you understand specific Society, IEEE Region, or External partner requirements and timelines well in advance. Be sure that representatives of the external partners have the legal authority to speak on behalf of those organizations. If all of this feels overwhelming, don’t worry, MCE can help. You can reach out and discuss your goals with your MCE representative at any time.

We Are Here to Help

If you have questions about the conference application process, please contact the MCE team.