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About CQC

The Conference Quality Committee (CQC) is a subcommittee of the IEEE Conferences Committee. The purpose of the CQC is to maintain the high standard of quality of IEEE Sponsored and Co-Sponsored conferences. The Conference Quality Committee and its subcommittees develop and implement policies, requirements, training, and outreach related to maintaining high conference quality, and reviews, adjudicates and acts upon issues related to deficiencies in IEEE Conferences.

While the CQC delegates much of the above work to its subcommittees, the CQC itself provides high-level guidance, coordinates activities, ratifies activities and actions, serves as an adjudicator / point of escalation, and develops policy.

CQC Scope

Should the CQC or its subcommittees determine that any aspect of a conference violates IEEE policies or procedures, or has quality issues that have the potential to damage IEEE’s reputation, the CQC and its subcommittees have the authority to:

  1. Act as a point of contact for staff and volunteer consultation on conference quality and scope issues.
  2. Review conference applications and provide consultation to sponsoring OUs and conference organizers before conference applications are approved and before conference materials are submitted.
  3. Decline applications from conferences that do not meet IEEE standards.
  4. Prohibit individuals and organizations from participating in a conference or as conference organizers.
  5. Decide whether some or all of a conference’s material is not acceptable for inclusion in IEEE Xplore®.
  6. Provide organizers general guidelines on removing material for resubmission, and require or recommend other corrective actions related to conference quality issues.
  7. Remove submitted material prior to inclusion in IEEE Xplore®, and recommend to PSPB that previously accepted material be removed or marked.
  8. Collaborate with other subcommittees, IEEE groups and potential vendors as necessary.

The findings and actions of the CQC and all its subcommittees are operationalized and reported in alignment with IEEE governance, privacy and other legal standards, and can include referrals to other IEEE bodies, as appropriate.

CQC Subcommittees

Committees Reporting to the Conference Quality Committee: 


Conference Application Review Committee (CARC)

The Conference Application Review Committee’s mission is, through involvement in the conference application process, to increase the quality of IEEE supported conferences. It reviews incoming conference applications, and if the application does not appear to meet IEEE standards, it works with the sponsoring OU and other parties to decide whether sponsorship is granted. In addition, this committee identifies and supports education and training needs early in the organizing process to support better outcomes.


Technical Program Integrity Committee (TPIC)

The Technical Program Integrity Committee (TPIC) ensures the quality of the IEEE conference proceedings and related intellectual property produced by IEEE sponsored conferences, ensuring the quality of the content prior to inclusion in IEEE Xplore®. This is primarily done through the evaluation of the submitted conference materials for their scope and quality. The attributes of a conference and its process are also assessed for good practices and compliance with applicable policies.


Conference Organization Integrity Committee (COIC)

The Conference Organization Integrity Ad Hoc Committee investigates and takes actions on incidents in IEEE conferences where individuals or entities involved in organizing conferences might have violated IEEE Bylaws, IEEE Policies, IEEE Code of Conduct, IEEE Code of Ethics or other governing policies, including publication, financial and audit provisions.

Ad Hoc Committees

Ad Hoc Committees Reporting to the Conference Quality Committee:


Conference Metrics Ad Hoc (CMC)

The Conference Metrics Ad Hoc Committee investigates and develops general metrics for evaluating conferences for the purpose of determining their relative value to IEEE and to all categories of conference participants.

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