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Do you have questions about how to run your conference? IEEE is here to help. You can reach out by completing the contact form on this page or connecting with one of our teams using the email addresses below. You can also reach out to your assigned Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). 

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CEE Team Contacts

Please contact us for questions, feedback, or support. We check emails frequently, so your message will be answered soon.

General Conference Questions
For general information about running a conference, please contact

Conference Sponsorship
For more information about types of sponsorship, please contact

IEEE Conference Application
For questions about the IEEE Conference Application, please contact

Conference Finance
For information about conference finances, auditing, banking, budget, closing, and taxes, please contact

Conference Contracts
For contract reviews, please contact

Event Emergency Response Team
During an event emergency, the EERT team can be reached at:
T: +1 908 566 8167

For general inquiry about IEEE’s Event Emergency Preparedness Program, please contact:
Sherry Russ Sills, IEEE EERT Lead
+1 732 562 3980 (Office)
+1 908 566 8167 (Mobile)

Questions regarding IEEE’s Travel Program may be directed to:
Sherry Russ Sills, Director, Event Operations
IEEE Conferences, Events & Experiences (CEE)
+1 732 562 3980 or via email at

Event Conduct and Safety
Participants should report any behavior inconsistent with the principles outlined in the Event Conduct and Safety Statement to on-site staff, security, venue personnel, or

Event Management Services
Event Management Services provides meeting and conference management for IEEE, offering expertise in all areas of professional event management and overall subject-matter guidance and support. The team excels in event planning and in partnering with volunteers to bridge gaps and foster success. For more information about the full spectrum of services, please contact

Conference Publications
For information about conference publications, please contact

Technical Program Management and Quality
For information about planning your technical program and managing peer review, contact

Conference Marketing and Publicity
For information about branding, logos, marketing, marketing communications, publicity, social media, and websites, please contact

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