IEEE Conferences Committee (ICC)

Conferences and Convening are key IEEE activities and this committee has a critical role in maintaining its vitality.

Leading the Way

IEEE Conferences Committee (ICC) provides leadership for the global IEEE Conferences Community. Guiding the overall IEEE conference principles through engagement and governance, the IEEE Conferences Committee (ICC) is committed to ensuring the growth and vitality of IEEE conferences in current and future paradigms. 

As an active body, with representation from each IEEE Organizational Unit (OU), the ICC encourages conferences to:

  • Develop programs that meet the needs of the attendees  
  • Create benefits for IEEE members and the greater technical community
  • Desktop organizing communities to develop, promote, plan, and schedule conferences and exhibits 
  • Convene in areas of technical and geographic interest that assist in the advancement of electrical and electronics engineering and related arts and sciences


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About Conferences Committee

IEEE Conferences Committee formulates and recommends actions, strategies, and policies for IEEE conferences. It provides oversight for conference-related activities, has jurisdiction over all 2,000+ IEEE global conferences, and ensures compliance per all IEEE Policies – Section 10 (PDF, 1 MB)

*Detailed ICC roster can be found on (sign-in required)


charlie jackson

Charles “Charlie” Jackson, Chair, IEEE Conferences Committee


Charlie Jackson has been active in a broad range of microwave and millimeter-wave technologies.  After receiving his doctorate at UCLA, he worked at Hughes for two years, where he worked on mm-wave radiometers, mm-wave mixers, COBE cryocooled mixers, and monopulse technology.  Read full bio (PDF, 134 KB)

bin zhao

Bin Zhao, Past Chair

served as Chair, IEEE Conferences Committee (2019-2022)

Bin Zhao received his Ph.D. degree from California Institute of Technology and has held engineering and management positions at SEMATECH, Rockwell, Conexant, Skyworks, Freescale, Fairchild, and ON Semiconductor. He has worked on advanced VLSI technology development and design implementation of analog/mixed-signal, power management, and RF IC products. Read full bio (PDF, 75 KB)


Manfred “Fred” J. Schindler, Past Chair

served as Chair, IEEE Conferences Committee (2015-2018)

Fred Schindler has spent his career in industry working on RF, microwave and mm-wave semiconductors, leading the development of advanced RF semiconductor technology and products for commercial and defense applications. He is currently an independent consultant and is Chief Technology Officer of Anlotek Ltd., an RF technology company. Read full bio (PDF, 128 KB)

Bill Moses headshot

William W. Moses, Past Chair

served as Chair, IEEE Conferences Committee (2011-2014)

Bill received his B.A. from Dartmouth College, graduating Magna Cum Laude with Highest Distinction in Physics, and his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of California, Berkeley in 1986. Since then he has worked at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where he was a Senior Staff Scientist (the equivalent of Full Professor) until his retirement in 2016. Read full bio (PDF, 62 KB)

Opportunities to Serve

Serving as a member provides opportunities to offer leadership, find camaraderie, and create impact for IEEE conferences. There are a variety of ways to become involved with the Committee.


Membership Opportunities
Join IEEE Conferences Committee Meetings (sign-in required)
January ICC Orientation Wednesday, 31-Jan-2024 10am-11am (ET) Virtual Meeting
February ICC Meeting Thursday, 15-Feb-2024 8:30am-4pm (ET) In-Person Meeting held with IEEE Meeting Series (Orlando, FL, USA)
March ICC Meeting Wednesday, 27-March-2024 10am-12pm (ET) Virtual Meeting
June ICC Meeting Wednesday, 5-June-2024 10am-12pm (ET) Virtual Meeting
July ICC Meeting Wednesday, 31-July-2024 1:30pm-5pm (HST) In-Person Meeting held with IEEE Convene (Waikoloa, Island of Hawai'i, USA)
September ICC Meeting Wednesday, 25-Sept-2024 5pm-7pm (ET) Virtual Meeting
November ICC Meeting Thursday, 21-Nov-2024 8am-4pm (CT) In-Person Meeting held with IEEE Meeting Series (Dallas, TX, USA)


  • Subcommittee & Ad Hoc Committee Chairs are expected to attend and participate via Webex. At times, as funding allows, some may be asked to attend some in-person (face-to-face) meetings if requested by the IEEE Conferences Committee Chair.
  • Orientation is for new and continuing members
  • *Some months include Webex Business Meetings; alternate times: 5pm and 10am (ET)
  • **Official In-Person (Face-to-Face) Committee Meetings (due to COVID-19; live meetings may go virtual; we will revisit if the others will go virtual).  If meetings are in person (face-to-face) they will be full-day meetings.
2024 IEEE RCC & S/C VP Conferences - Collaboration Meetings w/ ICC Chair (Schedule) - ICC Welcome to Attend
February IEEE RCC & S/C VP Conferences Meeting Thursday, 8-February-2024 10am-11am (ET) Virtual Meeting
April Annual Conference Collaboration Summit Friday, 25-April-2024 Full Day In-Person Meeting (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)
July IEEE RCC & S/C VP Conferences Meeting Wednesday, 31-July-2024 9am-12PM (HST) In-Person Meeting held with IEEE Convene (Waikoloa, Island of Hawai'i, USA)
October IEEE RCC & S/C VP Conferences Meeting Thursday, 24-October-2024 10am-11am (ET) Virtual Meeting

We Are Here to Help

If you have questions about the IEEE Conferences Committee please contact the MCE team.