IEEE Cities We Love

Journey to some of our favorite cities around the world for hosting an IEEE event.

Washington, DC United States

Washington, DC Loves Engineers!

Meet in the Nation’s Tech Hub

Washington, DC is dedicated to elevating the business of engineering.  No other city has as much access to technology policy leaders as the nation’s capital.  Immerse your organization in DC’s strong technology ecosystem – learn more on


Portland, OR United States

IEEE + Portland = The Perfect Equation

Go somewhere different. Go to Portland.

Portland is the perfect destination for IEEE. We’re a little different. We’re a one-of-a-kind destination with passionate people that can help YOU create a one-of-a-kind experience for your attendees. From our different approach to shopping (tax-free!), to housing more microbreweries than anywhere else on earth, we like to step beyond normal.


Glasgow, Scotland UK

Make Your Next Stop Glasgow for IEEE

Glasgow – a city of engineering excellence

Glasgow is a city with a unique engineering heritage and has been proudly hosting IEEE conferences for over 30 years. Home to one of the most collaborative and dynamic innovation economies in Europe, Glasgow has a vibrant and engaged IEEE community and its very own bespoke IEEE Glasgow Tartan!


Montreal, Quebec Canada

Discover how Montréal works for you


Host to 72 IEEE conferences since 2017, our award-winning venues, mouth-watering restaurants, top-line hotels and the first IEEE Supporting Friend Award in Canada on the mantle put Montréal at the top of the list.


Panama City, Panama

Panama City skyline

Meet in Panama, Live for More

More than Meetings

Panama City, a hub for impactful Events, inspires with diversity, modernity, and adventure.

Panama, a blend of cultures and innovation, hosts transformative events. As a business and
ecological hub, it’s where meetings create legacies, fostering sustainability and connecting culture.