About This Form

It is the responsibility of all IEEE conference organizers to consider each item of business where they have a vote or decision-making authority to determine if a conflict of interest exists.

If you are involved in making business or purchase decisions for a conference, or other activities that could represent a conflict of interest, you must complete the Principles of Business Conduct/Conflict of Interest form.

This form must be completed by:

  • Members, volunteers, and staff with business decision-making authority
  • Non-members and others who do business with or on behalf of IEEE

Complete The Form

Once your event has been approved the Chair(s) and Treasurer(s) will automatically receive an email request to complete their POBC/COI. The process is easier for end users to complete and requires significantly less effort to administer.

  • Organizer data (Name, Event Name, Role) is pre-populated for convenience
  • If no disclosures are needed, organizers can complete the process in-email within 2 ‘clicks’
  • The new “No to All” option allows veteran organizers can complete the process in seconds

We Are Here to Help

If you have questions about the POBC/COI form, please contact IEEE Internal Audit at ops-audit@ieee.org.

Do you have other questions about organizing a conference? Please contact the CEE team.