Carbon Footprint Calculators

What’s Your Impact?

CEE has compiled a list of carbon footprint calculators to help you assess your impact and make more informed choices for yourself, your organization, and your event. 

hands on keyboard calculating carbon footprint

Reliable Tools

Explore free carbon footprint calculator tools offered by international leaders in sustainability

UN Calculator for Individuals

United Nations Climate Change Calculator for Individuals

  • Questionnaire-style calculator
  • Lifestyle focused questions
  • Tips on making smarter climate choices
  • Free of cost

International Civil Aviation Organization Carbon Emissions Calculator

  • Form-based calculator
  • Calculate the carbon emissions of passengers
  • Calculate the carbon emissions of cargo
  • Free of cost
ICAO Carbon Emissions Calculator
UN Calculator for Organizations

United Nations Climate Change Calculator for Organizations

  • Worksheet-style calculator
  • Designed for organizations/companies
  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Free of cost

We Are Here to Help

If you have questions about carbon footprint calculators, please contact the CEE team.