Sustainability for Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Contracts

When organizing events, there are many opportunities to lead by example when it comes to sustainability. Partnering with sustainable vendors during the event planning process can make a difference in your event’s carbon footprint.

The contract & event management experts within CEE have incorporated sustainability-related questions in event-related RFPs. Additionally, in collaboration with IEEE Legal, a sustainability clause has been developed that has been placed across contract templates. 

This effort leverages IEEE’s global impact to influence venues while also providing visibility into what prospective vendors are doing to practice sustainability within their organizations. Inquiring about sustainability efforts can motivate changes in suppliers and participants and enhance the attendee experience to benefit the environment and local communities.

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Considerations when updating your RFPs

  • The recipient of RFPs may be more junior-level associates, and therefore may not be fully aware or authorized to provide detailed responses.
  • RFPs may already be lengthy, so keeping your questions brief and direct are beneficial.
  • For RFP responses, additional attachments for further details on their program/initiative is strongly recommended.

Recommended RFP language and questions

Question 1:

Have you signed the Net Zero Carbon Pledge for the Events Industry (

Question 2:

What sustainability and/or carbon reduction initiatives are in place for your venue/company? Additional documentation can be attached in your venue’s RFP response.

Question 3 (select multiple):

Please select all sustainable practices in place, or services available for your venue:

IEEE Sustainability Clause

Influence your suppliers using IEEE approved messaging.

Sustainability: IEEE is committed to protecting the environment and we encourage our suppliers to do the same. IEEE strongly encourages its suppliers to adopt a sustainability policy that highlights the actions taken by each supplier to support sustainability efforts, on an ongoing basis, and to minimize the environmental impact of its operations.

We Are Here to Help

If you have questions about how to incorporate sustainability questions in your event-related RFPs, please contact the CEE team.