Hotel Room Block Management

A contracted hotel room block is a considerable financial commitment for a conference so it is recommended that it be monitored closely.

Things to consider when managing your hotel room block:


  • Monitor the number of rooms being reserved in your block (room pick-up) on an ongoing basis
  • Coordinate registration dates to help inform room block management
  • Decrease the room block if allowed by the terms of the contract. Do this in a timely manner to avoid any potential attrition fees. Note the cut-off date outlined in the contract
  • Require your written sign-off for the hotel to release rooms
  • Assist with concession assignments for VIPs (suite upgrades, welcome amenities, etc.)
  • Reserve a block of rooms for overflow needs if required
  • If you are in an attrition situation, make every attempt to negotiate with the hotel to mitigate your loss
  • Request pick-up reports 5 days before the event as well as a final report, to validate contract compliance

We Are Here to Help

If you have questions about hotel room block management, please contact the CEE team.