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Find helpful tips for choosing your location and venue and conducting your site visit.

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Considerations When Choosing a City & Date

Tips What to Consider
Location City venue or resort destination? Domestic (USA) vs. International? Is this an affordable, desirable and safe location?
Sales Tax Exempt IEEE is exempt from Sales Tax in certain states in the US. There are also some states that do not charge sales tax. There can be a considerable cost savings if you choose a location in these states.
Venue Type Convention Center or Hotel? Consider how much space you will need (plenary session, exhibit hall, technical sessions), expected number of attendees, room block requirements.
Weather Avoid seasons with extreme temperatures and likelihood of storms.
Holidays Make sure to avoid local and religious holidays when selecting the date of your event. Also, keep in mind popular vacation dates when attendees may not be available to attend your conference.
Conflicting Events Be aware of any other events taking place in your chosen city. These can include city-wide conferences, sporting or musical events, political gatherings and conventions, and other IEEE events.
Pattern of Dates Consider weekend vs. weekdays or a combination of both. This can affect attendance as well as rates. For annual conferences, try to maintain the pattern from the previous years if successful.
Transportation What international airports service your chosen city? Consider travel time to the airport when contracting your venue, and what ground transportation is available (rideshare, taxi, mass transportation).
Co-location Consider co-locating with other IEEE events that incorporate similar content, topics or industry. You may be able to negotiate lower rates and additional concessions.
Community Select a location that represents your target audience. Consider regions and cities that have a high volume of related industry and academic professionals within your field and potential pool of speakers for your conference.
Resources CVB (convention visitor bureau) and DMC (destination management company) can help make you aware of other events happening in the city, connect you with local resources and make you aware of specific offers, tax breaks and travel requirements.

Considerations for Site Selection

There are a number of things to keep in mind when selecting a location for your event.

  • Consider venues that can accommodate your meeting requirements based on your confirmed agenda
  • Determine your room block needs and if the host hotel can accommodate. Identify nearby overflow hotels with varied rates to accommodate multiple price points
  • Be sure that venues you are considering are within budget. Are you able to meet the food and beverage (F&B) requirement they are proposing?
  • Consider proximity to major airports and explore transportation options keeping price top of mind
  • Be knowledgeable of local unions and if your venue has restrictions
  • Confirm if there are other large groups in-house over your dates
  • Ask if there are any extensive renovations planned that may impact your conference

Conducting a Site Visit

Once you have identified potential venues that can accommodate your program over your preferred dates and are within your budget, it is recommended to schedule a site visit prior to signing a contract.

  • Determine if the proposed space flows well for your program.
  • Note the hotel’s cleanliness and overall appearance
  • Note the ceiling height in meeting rooms and if there are any site line issues (support columns)
  • Note if there is adequate security in the hotel and if the surrounding neighborhood is safe.
  • Tour a guest sleeping room, all food outlets, hotel gym, and business center

Once the site visit is complete, summarize your findings to include your recommendations.

State Sales Tax Exemption

IEEE has been granted exemption from paying sales taxes on purchases made in the following states.

Sales Tax Exempt
Colorado New Mexico
Washington, D.C. New York
Florida Ohio
Kentucky Tennessee
Maryland Texas
Massachusetts Utah
Michigan Vermont
Missouri Virginia
New Jersey Wisconsin

No Sales Tax
New Hampshire

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