IEEE policy 10.1.10 states that conferences exceeding a total revenue or expense amount of $250,000 USD and an IEEE financial sponsorship greater than 50% are required to have an audit performed. The conference has the option to either use the services of IEEE Internal Audit or enlist the services of an Independent Auditor. 

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Audit Documentation

Audit Types

IEEE Financial Responsibility Actual Income or Expense Audit Type
Greater than 50%

≥ US $250,000

The conference must schedule an audit by a qualified independent auditor or by IEEE Internal Audit.

Greater than 50%

< US $250,000

IEEE Internal Audit may schedule an audit. If not selected for an audit, the conference should arrange for an audit by an independent auditor or internal committee.

Less than 50%

< US $250,000

IEEE recommends that the conference schedule an audit by IEEE Internal Audit, an independent auditor, or an internal committee.


An audit performed by IEEE is charged according to the size of the conference (.6% of revenue). Service fees are capped at $6,000, for conferences generating revenues of $1,000,000 or above. If the conference decides to hire an Independent Auditor to perform the services locally, please advise to obtain the necessary approval(s).

If you choose to use IEEE auditing team, please review the audit checklist prior to the start of your conference’s financial activity. This will prepare you for all of the supporting documentation you will need to gather throughout your conference lifecycle

If you choose to use an external auditor, the auditor will need to be reviewed and approved by the IEEE Internal Audit team prior to the start of any audit work. Note that the outside auditor’s CPA license must be sent to our internal audit team at in order for the auditor to be approved. Please review the Outside Auditor MOA, external auditor selection criteria, and general conference audit steps, which can all be provided by the IEEE Internal Audit team. 

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