Sustainability Considerations for IEEE Governance Meetings

Learn tips and best practices for creating sustainable IEEE governance meetings.

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Carbon Impact Considerations For Decision-Makers

Decision-makers can set the stage and establish guidelines for creating more sustainable governance meetings.

Sustainability for decision makers infographic

Download the infographic (PDF, 378 KB)

1. Analyze air travel

Conduct a flight analysis – see where participants are coming from and choose a location that minimalizes carbon impact

2. Use smart staffing

Reevaluate onsite responsibilities and, if appropriate, transition select staff from onsite responsibilities to offsite/virtual responsibilities

3. Optimize meeting times

Be strategic about the length of your event and consider limiting half days, which requires an extra hotel night and extra food and beverage

4. Prioritize public transport

Select a location that has easily accessible public transportation

5. Choose walkable cities

Select a location that has plenty of walkable entertainment and food options

6. Go virtual

For groups with an in-person meeting cadence, consider replacing one or more with a virtual meeting

Carbon Impact Considerations For Organizers

Embracing a sustainable mindset can guide organizers’ decision-making during the meeting planning process.

sustainability for organizers infographic

Download the infographic (PDF, 404 KB)

1. Promote public transport

Research public transportation options & make participants aware of their options

2. Add a virtual option

Provide a virtual option for those who can’t or don’t need to travel

3. Cater conscientiously
  • Make one meal vegetarian
  • Select fresh, local options
4. Mitigate food waste
  • Choose plated meals over buffet-style
  • Donate leftovers
  • Reduce single-use items
  • Provide a water filling station
  • Request your venue/caterer to set up stations for recycling/composting/waste
5. Support local vendors
  • Utilize local vendors for materials & production (printing, A/V, etc.)
  • Support local artisans when providing giveaways
6. Go paperless/reduce materials onsite
  • Use recyclable materials
  • Use digital signage
  • Provide virtual agendas
  • Give participants a reusable tent card or name badge for governance meetings
7. Spread the word

Communicate your sustainability efforts to attendees throughout the conference (pre-event emails, on-site materials, daily housekeeping notes)

Carbon Impact Considerations For Participants

Meeting participants can also influence event sustainability by making a few small adjustments to their travel routines.

Sustainability for Participants Infographic

Download the infographic (PDF, 243 KB)

1. Try public transport

Consider using public transportation or carpool options

2. Travel light

Pack less and bring only what you need

3. Pass on printing

Consider digital versions of travel documents

4. Sip sustainably

Bring a reusable water bottle

5. Be mindful at mealtimes

Be mindful of your amount of food waste at lunch/dinner

6. Room responsibly

Turn off the lights when leaving your hotel room and use room cleaning services every four days

7. Sync your stay

Leverage the hotel’s sustainability initiatives (towel programs, etc.)

8. Switch off

During meetings, turn off or limit device usage

9. Get camera shy

When participating virtually, turn off your camera when not speaking

We Are Here to Help

If you have questions about sustainable governance meetings, please contact the CEE team.